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Signature’s Urban Segment has been highlighting different cultures since September 2014 in the Quality of Life department. Every month a country is celebrated with weekly activities representing that specific country. Staff and residents learn about the culture which includes, crafts, food, language, famous landmarks, and learning about the customs and traditions.

China was highlighted during the month of February. Urban Indiana, Urban North, and Urban South celebrated the Chinese New Year on February 19, 2015. Each community in Urban created their own version of the Chinese dragon for their celebration. The top two dragons in each sub-segment were the winners!  The residents are still talking about the celebrations held at their communities.

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The Urban segment has been highlighting different cultures since September 2014 in the Quality of Life department. Every month a country is celebrated with weekly activities representing that specific country. The country is celebrated by learning about the culture which includes, crafts, food, language, famous landmarks, and learning about the customs and traditions.

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For the Month of February, we celebrated China as part of our Cultural Diversity Program. During the month, we made Chinese drums and competed against our sister facilities on who could make the best Chinese Dragon.

During our Chinese New Year Party we marched in and danced with our completed dragon while the residents played their Chinese drums and cheered us on. We served Chinese food and talked about the history of chop sticks in China, the Chinese calendar and sumo wrestling on New Year’s in China.

To demonstrate this sport, staff suited up and wrestled one another. We had a wonderful time full of smiles and laughter.

The Huffington Post posted a story about Signature HealthCARE’s resident vacation to Walt Disney World in December 2014. To read the entire article, click here.

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Hermitage Care and Rehabilitation Center’s residents and staff gathered together to celebrate Mardi Gras. We put dawned our masks and competed in several games such as a pancake race, blind mask target and Spin to Win. We had a blast showing off their skills to earn beads.

Best Places To Work

This week, Signature HealthCARE was named to the list of ‘Best Places to Work in Kentucky’ for the second year in a row.

The list is published annually by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management.

To read more about the process and view a complete list of this year’s winners, click here.

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View the SHC 2014 Year In Review

Expansion. Adaptation. Innovation.

These words, in many ways, defined 2014 for Signature HealthCARE. The Revolution brought our total number of locations to 125. We welcomed new centers to the family and took pivotal steps to position SHC as an integrated care network capable of meeting health care needs across the full spectrum of care. We expanded into new business lines while continuing to enhance and invest in existing service offerings.

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This Veterans Day, Signature HealthCARE would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our nation’s military veterans, and those still actively serving. We especially want to thank all of our residents and stakeholders who served our country.

Happy Veterans Day from the Signature family to yours.

What do you get when you combine baking clay, rolling pins, a dry leaf, and beautiful colors? A beautiful fall leaf to treasure for years.