A Faithful Servant


I’d like to highlight our facility’s resident chaplain today. Stella has been in our facility for over four years. She is a blessing to all who know her. Stella is a member of Christ Community Church and is visited regularly by her pastor, who she dearly loves. Stella loves people and has a heart to help others. While a resident at Hermitage, she visited a women’s home and spoke words of encouragement and hope to a group of ladies who suffered spousal abuse. Stella also has a great sense of humor and recently “performed” at our facility’s talent show. Stella has had many challenges in her life, but she has always come through stronger and closer to the Lord.

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Iris’ Rehab Experience

After eight weeks of rehab, Iris is going home today. I made my way down to her room excited for her, and looking forward to sending her off with a prayer. Iris’ recalled that: “My sisters and I had prayed that God would open the door for me to come here for my therapy!” 

She added, “I never dreamed I would have someone like you to support me.” She went on to say how much she loved the rehab staff, how good they were with the therapy, and it was a “blessing to see that they loved the Lord too.”

I was humbled by her words of praise. Each day we do what we are called to do. May we all continue to be that blessing in loving and caring for each of our residents.

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When will Spring Spring?

Although we are all anticipating Spring weather, we are all enjoying the beauty of our fountain. This picture was taken today (March 25).

“Come thou fount of every blessing! Tune my heart to sing thy praise! Springs of mercy never ceasing. Song of thy redeeming grace.” A fountain is a symbol of God’s mercies that spring up new every day. May we receive the new mercies of God He has for us this day!

The God of All Hope

One of my favorite scripture passages is Romans 4:18-21. Although God had promised Abraham a son from Sarah’s womb, it took 20 years before Abraham saw the fulfillment. What is so special about this scripture in Romans is that Paul uses Abraham as an example to us of one who believed in spite of the way things appeared.

It says in 4:18: “Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed…” Also verse 19 says “without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead…yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God.”

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A Heart of Purpose!

“One of my goals as chaplain is to instill in the hearts of our residents the reality that they still have purpose, and that they can still play a vital part in their community. When I learned one of our C.N.A.’s son, Kenneth Wright, was being deployed to Afghanistan, our “Adopt a Soldier”  program was birthed. 

Since Kenneth left for Afghanistan in July, every Tuesday during our morning prayer meeting the residents remembered Kenneth and his unit praying for their safety and God’s oversight. Resident’s ideas were also sought as to other ways we could support Kenneth. On several occasions residents met together and prepared card; it was very touching to observe residents painstakingly composing their cards.

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Life’s Journey by Clara Ewan, Resident

I’d like to share a beautifully inspired poem written by a precious resident of ours. She said the Lord gave it to her on September 27, 1997:

“When this Journey here is ended and our work on earth is done

We will meet and greet our Savior then He’ll say, my child, well done.

Through the struggles and the trials that we face while living here,

They will be but as a vapor when before Him we appear.

All the trials and the heartaches that we faced while here below

Will all be worth Heaven’s Glory because His love we did foreknow.

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The Heart of A Father

Yesterday Gail, one of our dear residents, received a visit from her father, Robert Dever, a 90-year old WWII veteran, who faithfully travels 248 miles round trip from Louisville to visit Gail (every other Tuesday).

‘m always moved by the love this man shows for his daughter. His words are always filled with such love, encouragement and hope. This precious man cares for his wife, Ellen, at home, but never forgets his daughter and faithfully comes to visit her.

Isn’t this truly the heart of our Heavenly Father? Always encouraging us? Speaking hope to our hearts? Loving us with such intensity and faithfulness?! 

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Look Who Turned 99!

Psalms 90:12 says “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Today one of our precious residents turned 99. Not many people are as fortunate as Ms. Lucille.

The Bible tells us to number our days count each one precious, and live it to the fullest for God. Years do not add wisdom, but learning from our years while walking on this earth, and  allowing God to teach us more about Him through every experience we encounter. May Lucille be blessed today on her special day!

Father’s Day Services

For many of our residents, Father’s Day is best celebrated in attending church. This year April Zeimer, volunteer, provided the music. She and Chaplain Linda conducted a service filled with hymns of praise.

Linda shared a message for fathers looking at the lives of men of Biblical days.  Services were well attended along with some family members too!

Blessing of the Hands At Hermitage Care And Rehab

On Wednesday, May 8, 2013, we had a special recognition luncheon for our nurses. As chaplain, I was invited to attend the luncheon and we began the meeting by explaining that I would like to pray over and bless each of the nurses’ hands.

The SDC then called up each of the nurses one by one to come forward. I anointed each nurse’s hands and prayed over them affirming the work that they do, asking God to bless them, to bring any healing needed in their personal lives and asking God to allow His healing to flow from them.

I was personally blessed and although unspoken, I saw visibly that the nurses were touched.

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