The Heart of A Father

Yesterday Gail, one of our dear residents, received a visit from her father, Robert Dever, a 90-year old WWII veteran, who faithfully travels 248 miles round trip from Louisville to visit Gail (every other Tuesday).

‘m always moved by the love this man shows for his daughter. His words are always filled with such love, encouragement and hope. This precious man cares for his wife, Ellen, at home, but never forgets his daughter and faithfully comes to visit her.

Isn’t this truly the heart of our Heavenly Father? Always encouraging us? Speaking hope to our hearts? Loving us with such intensity and faithfulness?! 

Mr. Dever gave me permission to write this article. He also wanted me to write that he was a combat soldier for the 8th infantry division, and that they fought their first battle at St. Lo, Frances. What an amazing man and father! And what an amazing Heavenly Father, we have too!