National Day Of Prayer Celebrated at Hermitage Care and Rehab

The 2013 National Day of Prayer was celebrated recently at Hermitage with great fanfare. The event began with a Welcome/History of National Day of Prayer, given by Volunteer Hattie Potts, and continued with the song “Pray about Everything” by Volunteer Berdena Carpenter. Thie was foloowed by a series of specific prayers for differing intentions: Prayers for Churches by Bob Russell, Volunteer, then  Prayer for the Family by Cheryl Russell, Volunteer, then Prayer for Military and Government by Gary Adams, Volunteer, then Prayer for all nations by Lu Shanks, Volunteer and finished by a Prayer for our Nation  offered by everyone, but led by the Chaplain.

The event ended with a singing of the song God Bless America, led by Volunteer Gary Adams.

Linda K. Haddix, Chaplain
Hermitage Care & Rehab