Life’s Journey by Clara Ewan, Resident

I’d like to share a beautifully inspired poem written by a precious resident of ours. She said the Lord gave it to her on September 27, 1997:

“When this Journey here is ended and our work on earth is done

We will meet and greet our Savior then He’ll say, my child, well done.

Through the struggles and the trials that we face while living here,

They will be but as a vapor when before Him we appear.

All the trials and the heartaches that we faced while here below

Will all be worth Heaven’s Glory because His love we did foreknow.

What a day when we see Jesus and before His throne we bow

Satan has lost the battle for we are safe with Jesus now.

So let’s praise and give Him Glory for the price that set us free

When He shed His precious life’s blood on that Old Cross of Calvary.

Praise His wonderful name.”