Blessing of the Hands At Hermitage Care And Rehab

On Wednesday, May 8, 2013, we had a special recognition luncheon for our nurses. As chaplain, I was invited to attend the luncheon and we began the meeting by explaining that I would like to pray over and bless each of the nurses’ hands.

The SDC then called up each of the nurses one by one to come forward. I anointed each nurse’s hands and prayed over them affirming the work that they do, asking God to bless them, to bring any healing needed in their personal lives and asking God to allow His healing to flow from them.

I was personally blessed and although unspoken, I saw visibly that the nurses were touched.

I plan to continue to pray for C.N.A.’s and other staff throughout the next week praying for them and anointing them individually at each floor.

Linda K. Haddix, Chaplain
Hermitage Care & Rehab