A Faithful Servant


I’d like to highlight our facility’s resident chaplain today. Stella has been in our facility for over four years. She is a blessing to all who know her. Stella is a member of Christ Community Church and is visited regularly by her pastor, who she dearly loves. Stella loves people and has a heart to help others. While a resident at Hermitage, she visited a women’s home and spoke words of encouragement and hope to a group of ladies who suffered spousal abuse. Stella also has a great sense of humor and recently “performed” at our facility’s talent show. Stella has had many challenges in her life, but she has always come through stronger and closer to the Lord.

Stella has been our facility’s resident chaplain for several months now, although health challenges have limited her participation. Recently, Stella had expressed a desire to serve the Lord, and I could see such a fervency in her wanting to be used by the Lord. Last week I asked Stella to assist my husband, David, and me in our Thursday evening prayer meeting. Stella was so excited to be serving the Lord and was radiant when she arrived at the gathering that evening. Stella opened the gathering of twelve residents in prayer and asked for God’s presence. Following David’s ministry of the Word, she closed with prayer praying also for all those present.

I’ve learned a lot through witnessing Stella’s zeal for the Lord. I realized that Stella just needed an avenue to serve. Her weekly involvement has provided the encouragement and challenge that those who love the Lord desire and need.